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About us

Buying a motorhome, either new or previously owned, could be a complicated task. Motorhomes come in all forms, layouts, sizes and with wildly differing price ranges. 

Ensuring that you make the ideal purchase that ideal suits your demands is necessary for such a high-value investment. That's where TC Motorhome Sales Kent can help.

Here at TC Motorhome Sales Kent, we have over 14 years experience working with Motorhomes in the outdoor camping and leisure sector. With considerable training, Our team are totally educated and effectively understood within the market. 

Having a huge portfolio of existing consumers. TC Motorhome Sales Kent is depended work not only on these vehicles, however also on behalf of a lot of Motorhome business. This consists of Servicing, Refurbishments, Repairs, Warranty Work and Damp Investigation/Repair.

We have a highly educated, experienced and specialist team. Functioning within this group a qualified Gas Technician. He embarks on the suitable, Inspection and servicing of the gas home appliances. TC Motorhome Sales Kent is able to work with practically any kind of requirements.

Buying your new camper or motorhome

We want to help you find the camper or motorhome that is right for you. Before you begin to look at new vehicles, you should decide exactly what you need and what is your budget.

Creating a list of exactly what you should have in your brand-new motor home. Knowing what you would certainly require is the crucial primary step.

Your 'must have' list will certainly feature things like the number of travelling seats and berths, bed lengths, a bathroom, total motorhome size. You will also think about weight, payload, kitchen area centres, and so on. 

The 'nice to have' list will include TV, reversing cam, awning, etc.

Maintain these checklists with you and refer to it and make sure any type of motorhome you're interested in check off all the essentials. Using this information, our sales team can advise and guide you to your new motorhome.