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Everyone's needs are different when it comes to buying a new motorhome. TC Motorhome Sales Kent want to make it easy to find the perfect motorhome for your needs. We often get customers asking the following questions:

Which motorhome should we buy?

Which camper van is the right one for us?

The answers to these questions will partly depend on your age, the size of your family and your ambitions. Many people require a toilet within the motorhome while others have never used theirs. Again ovens are thought of as essential, but these also go unused for some people. 

Some people enjoy big windows on their van while others feel as though they are in a goldfish bowl. All of these options depend on your lifestyle choices and how you will personally use your motorhome. 

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Buying A New Motorhome

Buying a new motorhome can be confusing. Below are some of the major considerations when you wish to buy a new motorhome.

TC Motorhome Sales Kent  offer help and advice with new motorhome sales. 

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Buying A New Motorhome

Motorhome Payload

It is against the law to exceed the maximum payload of a motorhome. Many people do not know that they are carrying too much weight and exceed the legal limits. It is important to know what the motorhome payload is and to ensure that you do not exceed it.

The motorhome payload is something that owners are required to calculate. By knowing the payload, you can work out how much stuff you are able to carry. 

It is estimated that 1 in 4 motorhomes are loaded to weights which exceed the legal limit. On many occasions, the owners are unaware that they have over loaded the van.

Each motorhome has a specific limit for how much weight it can carry. The weight will also need to be distributed correctly over the axis. These limits must be correctly observed. If a motorhome exceeds these limits, it can have a negative effect on the motorhome.

Overloading a motorhome can damage performance, handling, stopping distances, stability and safety.

If you have an accident while your motorhome is over the legal payload limit many insurers will refuse to pay the claim.

Which Motorhome

Which Motorhome is Right for Me?

There are many things to consider when choosing a new motorhome. Below are some things to think about before you look at making a purchase.

Which Motorhome is Right for Me? TC Motorhome Sales Kent can offer expert help and advice . 

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Calculating your Motorhome Weight

It is important to get the calculations right when working out the motorhome payload. This may seem confusing to begin with but it needs to be done correctly. There are a number of weight limits involved in calculating the payload. You will need to use these weights to find out if you are over the limit.

MIRO: Mass in Running Order 

This is the weight that your motorhome was as it left the manufacturers. This is worked out to include a full fuel tank and the other parts which are essential for it to function. The MIRO includes an average weight of the driver to be 75kg.

MTPLM: Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass

The MTPLM is the maximum weight permitted for the vehicle to drive safely on the road. This is calculated by adding the MIRO to the payload. 


Your new motorhome needs to be the right size for your needs. You will need to work out which size motorhome you feel comfortable driving compared to the amount of space you need for living in.

There are also restrictions on the size of motorhome that you can legally drive. Check your driving licence to see if you can drive the weight of vehicle that you wish to purchase. 

Don't forget that the larger your motorhome, the more space you will require for parking it while it is not in use. It is important to be realistic about which size motorhome you will want to buy.

Where will you use the motorhome?

The size of your new motorhome may effect where you can travel. Many of the UK roads are adequate for large motorhomes and should not pose any problems. If you wish to travel to Europe, check the price of transporting your van across the channel. The cost of crossing the channel can change depending on the time of year.

Generally, Germany and France have a good network of roads to travel on. If you are travelling in a large RV, roads become trickier from Italy and further eastwards. If you are planning to travel around Scandinavia and Eastern Europe you should consider a van conversion or a smaller motorhome.

Future needs

You need to think to the future when deciding on the perfect motorhome. Your circumstances may change in the near future and your motorhome may no longer be adequate for those changes. You will need to think about whether you are expecting children or if your eldest child is getting married. Will the floor plan cope with the additional passengers? 

You may be thinking of retiring soon. Will you be spending more time in the motorhome following retirement? Will you be travelling further? Is there enough room for you and your partner to live comfortably together?

Choosing a Motorhome

When it comes to choosing a motorhome, you need to consider comfort and space available.

TC Motorhome Sales Kent  offer help and advice with new motorhome sales. 

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Choosing a Motorhome

Exterior and Interior design

Is the interior and exterior design to your taste? You may decide to make your motorhome reflect your personal taste but will it be off putting for others if you wanted to sell it in the future. How will the interior fabrics wear over time? Is there enough light coming in through the windows and roof light or will it be dark on a rainy day?


For a good nights sleep, you need to think about which beds will suit you best. The most comfortable beds are fixed beds but these can limit how you use the space. Garage beds and over cab beds may create restricted headroom whilst they are kept up high. Corner beds may reduce the leg room of one person. You should also check the mattress quality of the motorhome that you buy.

Toilet and Washing Space

You may be planning to only use your new motorhome on campsites with great facilities. In this case, it may not be a major consideration about whether the toilet is adequate. But if you are away from facilities for a long time, toilet and wash areas are important. Are you able to physically use the shower area? Will it be possible for all passengers to share these facilities?

Internal space

Can you stand up and perform required jobs easily within the motorhome? If someone is working in the kitchen, is there enough room for someone to pass by them? If people are asleep, will you need to climb over them to get to the toilet? Is there a separate area for the kids to use without being disturbed?


Some campers can seat up to seven people while others may seat only two. Find out if you are able to safely carry all the required passengers. Many vans have seat belts for two passengers only and some chassis do not permit travel seats to be used. The more seats that you use, the higher your payload.


You should examine the kitchen area to check if it has enough room for you to complete the required jobs. Look at storage space and work surface area. Will you need to use an oven and a freezer or are they taking up valuable space? A microwave may be a valid alternative if you are staying somewhere with electricity the whole journey.

Dining area

Are you able to seat all of your passengers comfortably at the dining table? Can shorter people as well as taller people reach the table comfortably? How easy is it to serve food from the kitchen into the dining area?

Lounge space

The longer you spend in the motorhome, the more important it is to have adequate living space. Can a bed double up as a sofa or can you use the swivel chairs as recliners? Look at where you can sit comfortably and position a cushion to rest your head.

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